LiSa CupCakes! - Rewards! - Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, PA
LiSa CupCakes! - And Sweet Treats...
Frequent Cupcake Lover!
If you don't have yours, next time you buy buy a box of 6 or 12 cupcakes ask for your Frequent Cupcake Lover Card... We will stamp your card everytime you purchase a box of 6 or 12 Cupcakes... When you complete your card, You will receive a free dozen cupcakes!!!! (Does NOT aplly to ANY special orders... Valid only for in-store bought "as is" regular cupcakes. Cannot combine with any other offer/special...
Its your Birthday!
You will receive a Free Cupcake of your choice the DAY (and only THE DAY) of YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!! Remember to bring your Licence... NO exceptions! Not a day before, not a day after! If your birthday falls on a Sunday we will give your Cupcake on the Saturday before and if it falls on a Monday, we will give your cupcake on Tuesday....(Sundays & Mondays we're Closed)  PLEASE KEEP to the rules :)
Show me your Cupcake Tattoo!
I gotta give it to you! If you have a REAL tattoo of a cupcake/s.... I bow to you and you have earned a free cupcake every month for the time Little Cupcake Shop exists!!!!! We will take a picture of it and post it on our Cupcake Tattoo Gallery.... 1 free cupcake per month (NO Rollover cupcake! If you missed a month you missed that month's cupcake) Sorry, Not valid for any Cupcake Tattoo in any private area of your body! And PLEASE, NO FAKE TATTOOS.  Please people, we are NOT encouraging anybody to get cupcake tattoos!! LOL!  But theres a lot of people who actually do have them!
Like us on Facebook!
If you are part of our more than 15k fans on Facebook,show us on your phone, ipad, etc, that youre part of the fan page and receive a free mini cupcake!
BELLY Rewards!
Come get your Belly Card and start earning points for different rewards!! It's free and you just need to come by the store and enter your email and you automatically start with 5 points!!! With every visit, scan your card (or download the app) and you will earn 5 points! Start getting rewards when you get to 15 points!!
Drop off Your Business Card
For a Chance to win a box of 1dz cupcakes!!! The box includes: 2 Vanilla, 2 Chocolate, 2 Red Velvet, 2 Carrot, 2 Nutella & 2 Oreo!